Congratulations Filip

by Carrie Robertson

Christmas had something BIG in store for Filip Soderstrom.  After a trip to Texas in November,  Filip received the news that he was being offered a roster position on the prestigeous East Texas Baptist University NCAA.  This was very exciting because it offered everything that he was looking for in a school, as well as his Business Administration choice as a major.  Despite other offers at the Las Vegas Showcase Soderstrom knew this was the fit for him.  

We have kept in contact with Filip and gave him a couple of weeks to settle into his new abode before asking him a few questions.

Q. How are you enjoying your academic program?

A. It's a lot to study, I have a 75 page exam coming up! But as we know schooling is very important to the Soderstrom family.

Q. What about the hockey program?

A. I like it. I am the youngest guy in the locker room but its really good hockey and the spirit around campus is amazing.

Q. Just 2 weeks in and you were already named player of the week.  How does it feel?

A. It feels good.  I'm really happy to be here.

Q. What is your greatest on ice memory from the Hawks? Why?

A. I would say it was the latest victory over the Essa Stallions because they were our greatest rival in the league.  They had a lot of skilled players and we really worked together for that victory.

Q. How would you describe your experience as a Hawk?

A. The Hawks is a great organization that helped me as a player and in personal experiences, the program was awesome but it was the spirit of the players, great billets, great coaches, staff and owners that gave me the confidence in my play and in myself to take the next step. All I want now is for them to WIN the CUP!

The Hawks are very proud of #8 and will continue to cheer for him in his endeavours as he does in ours!