Viva Las Vegas!

by Carrie Robertson

As many of you know,  the Western States Hockey League is preparing to host their annual Shootout showcase in Las Vegas Nevada.  For the past few years the CPJHL has been honoured to participate in this event.  It began with an All-star team in 2016, and multiplied to 2 All-star teams by 2017, and will once again be 2 All-star teams representing the league.  

This year the Grey Highlands Hawks will be represented in a major way! With Cory Lafonte as the Head Coach of Team Black he had this to say 

 " This is my third year participating as a coach in this event and I feel that we have a better understanding of the showcase.  I am very pleased to have Brad Tichbourne and Skylar Robertson in attendance with me this year.  We are taking 14 Hawks players with us who have played well together this season,  and have already begun training in preparation for this." 

Showcase schedule will be available soon.